From 2004 to today  

  Self-employment, workshop owner, conservation of works of art,

Conservation of works of art, paintings on canvas, panel paintings, polychrome sculptures, furniture conservation, conservation of buildings, conservation of fresco paintings, project of conservation, condition report, museum maintenance.


From 2001 to today

Cesmar 7 Centre for study materials for conservation

Ordinary member since 2001, from 2004 Project manager,  from 2010 member of direction committee. From 2015 in charge of Vice president and Member of scientific committee. Instructor in refreshment course for conservators: Varnish: From traditional materials to low molecular weight resins and Workshop on self production of retouching colours hold in several Italian city and in Portugal and Denmark to a wide range of conservators.


From 2012 Member of scientific committee for the biannual international congress Colour and Conservation.







Academic Yearand 2017


State Fine Art Academy, Palermo

Adjunct professor of: Woodworking techniques and Gilding for conservation.


Academic Year 2016/17 and 2017


Ca Foscari University of Venice

Adjunct professor: conservation of contemporary art


Academic Year 2016/17 and 2017/18

Fine art academy Aldo Galli Como

Adjunct  professor, conservation of panel paintings.


From 2015-today

ENAIP Veneto,  Piazzola sul Brenta (PD) Professional course for assistant conservator

Professor:  Mural paintings techniques, and mural paintings conservation, Gilding techniques.


6 March 2015

Opificio delle Pietre Dure , via degli Alfani Firenze

Instructor for the course of retouching colours self production.


From 2007 to 2012


Afol Monza e Brianza, CFP terragni, Via Tre Venezie, Meda

Professional curse for wood conservator assistant.

Hired professor,  Conservation of polychrome wood, and /or Painting techniques, and or Gilding














 Free-lance conservator – owner of workshop of conservation

Conservation of furniture, modern and mid XX th century furniture, lamps and others design product.

Works of conservation for many private owners, institutions and museums





Galleria Blu

Conservation of furniture, modern and mid XXth century furniture, lamps and others design product.



June-august 2017

Chief onlus, Cultural heritage international intervention force.

 Works of selection of depbris to recover fragments of fresco pantings, and works of art from the collapsed heartquaked churck of S.Salvatore, campi, Norcia.


Jan 2016-today

 Collection Boschi di Stefano, via Jan, Milano

Conservation of works of paintings on canvas, Sculptures and furniture, maintenance of collection, condition report, handling.   Conservation of paintigs and sculptures of Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Cesare Peverelli, Rodolfo Aricò, Gianni Dova, Filippo De Pisis, Giorgio Morandi, Mario Sironi, Giorgio De Chirico.


Jan-nov 2016

Laboratorio di restauro opera di pittura di Cesare Pagliero

Conservation on St. Catherin of Siena, panel painting., structural conservation, cleaning, filling of losses, and retouching,



2012                                   Mec srl Genova.

                          Conservation of wooden 

               main door  Military Academy of Modena.




Gallery of Modern art, Milan, via Palestro 16.

  Conservation of works of paintings on canvas, Sculptures and furniture, maintenance of collection, condition report, head of handling. Storage room organization. Digital documentation.





2 mission

4 months in total

IVBC Istituto Veneto Beni Culturali, Venezia

Conservation of polychrome wood and gilded part, Dome of the rock, Aram As sharif, Jerusalem

Conservation treatment on fresco paintings in the S. Elena Chapel, Holy Sepulchre Church, Jerusalem.


Jun 2011    

Victoria and Albert Museum London

Condition reports of some works by the designer Alessandro Mendini











May- June 2018

ICWCT 2018 International course on wood conservation technologies,   Riksantikvaren, Oslo, Norway


   Riksantikvaren , Norwegian directorate for cultural Heritage, ICCROM, and NTNU Norwegian university for Science and tencologies.

Unesco Discipline for Cultural Heritage, restoration theory, technology and wood anatomy, museum microclimate, bio deterioration, restoration of wooden objects, restoration of wooden buildings and structures, restoration of furniture, doors and windows, workshop on finishing treatments of wood in exterior, wood processing with traditional tools



Master’s degree, Conservation and restauration of cultural heritage


Fine Art academy Aldo Galli, Como

Conservation of: paintings on canvas, panel paintings, polychrome sculptures, furniture and wooden structures, synthetic materials painted and/or  assembled.



Professional course of conservation


Enaip  Veneto, Padua.

Conservation of paintings, conservation of mural paintings, biology for conservation, mineralogy, chemisty.



MA Degree in Painting and retouching of painting


Fine Art academy Aldo Galli, Como

Painting, Engraving, Art History, Anatomy, Conservation of paintings, conservation of murals, chemistry and chemistry for conservation